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You have a lot to look forward to. Learn about ways of living with your retinal disease and stay connected to the people and activities you care about.

Everyday Tips for Living
with Low Vision

From monitoring your symptoms between doctor’s visits to creative solutions for the home, these tips can help you with low vision caused by a retinal disease.


Monitor Your
Eye Health at Home

The Amsler Grid is a simple, at-home tool you can print out to monitor your eye health between eye appointments. It can help you and your doctor identify changes in your vision that could benefit from immediate attention.



Travel Safely

Transportation is one of the fundamental challenges for people living with retinal diseases. If you’re unable to drive and need a ride, there are organizations* that provide options for people with low vision.


*Regeneron provides support to patient organizations but does not endorse any specific patient organization. These resources are provided for informational purposes only and are not meant to replace a physician's medical advice.


Lower the Stress on Your Eyes

Easing the burden on your eyes may help make living with
low vision more manageable:


Install bright lights in strategic spots, such as above the kitchen counter or a favorite reading chair. Visit a lighting store to determine which type of bulb is best for you.


Use brightly colored labels to help you find and organize key items in your home - or wherever else you spend a lot of time.


Try using a magnifying glass, purchasing large print books or increasing the type size or contrast level on your computer, cellphone, or e-reader.


Quit Smoking

Smoking is a risk factor for many retinal diseases. If you are living with a retinal disease and are currently smoking, prioritize your vision and overall health by quitting today.


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